PHOTONICA is a smart flat lamp, specially designed for grow lights at a high Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density PPFD (µmol)

PHOTONICA's flat design and low heating temperature makes lighting more energy efficient due to its ability to work in proximity to plant tissue without causing burns, thus creating the possibility of multi-level and vertical plant growth

Why PHOTONICA ? Our advanced light spectrum and concept for growing is the ultimate formula for increased harvest and highest quality products

By using Photonica LED lights in combination with correct nutrients you can achieve the most amazing results. DELICIOUS AND NATURAL FRUITS AND VEGETABLE. Growing your own food could be fun for your all family. Children could participate and learn new skills and responsibilities. Imagine seeing results within days. Setting a table with your own naturally grown products will leave great feeling off accomplishment and satisfaction. Friends and family will ask you where do you get such a great tasting fruits and vegetables? And all you do is point to a door in in your house and say: RIGHT HERE


PHOTONICA 250 can be combined with each other to form both standard straight lines and complex geometric illumination figures, meeting the individual requirements of any project regardless of the types and sizes of rooms


Due to the adjustable parts of the side elements at 45˚ to both sides relative to the central element, the light does not fall onto the aisles between the beds and does not reflect off the walls, but purposefully illuminates the plants


PHOTONICA is designed to evenly distribute the luminous flux, which ensures quick adaptation of plants to light and forms the correct leaf color and juiciness of the fruit

PHOTONICA is cutting-edge technology, the ultimate lighting solution that is becoming the fashion among growers

PHOTONICA produces a powerful light flux which has a beneficial effect on the development of the root system and ensures a steady growth and bloom

Lighting solutions

Lighting solutions for commercial use

Lighting solutions for commercial use

Photonica can be used as a single lamp, or combined into groups, forming a uniform line of illumination

Our solution for growing in limited spaces





General characteristics of the luminaire

PHOTONICA 250 is a luminarie with three multi LED chip on board light sources hermetically integrated under the prismatic glass optics into a specifically engineered for effective passive cooling, extruded rugged aluminum housing, coated by polyester powder with super durable paint for durability and corrosion resistance. Quick disconnect connectors for ease of installation and maintenance together with wires and mounting brackets – everything helps for simple installation.

LED modules

LED modules are equipped with optical lenses made of high-impact borosilicate glass with a scattering angle of 90 degrees.

Power unit

U-shaped bracket is a platform for the power supply. The brackets are equipped with two loops for hanging and switching between each other.


PHOTONICA does not require service; it is highly reliable and easy to operate. It just needs to be hung in the right place and plugged in.

Features & Benefits

PHOTONICA is designed to evenly distribute the luminous flux, which ensures quick adaptation of plants to light and forms the correct leaf color and juiciness of the fruit


Exceptional spectrum of light for growth and maturation



The PHOTONICA case is a passive radiator that cools the lamp without fans



PHOTONICA is easily and quickly installed in any rack, grow box or room

Our quality standard

We guarantee that PHOTONICA products provide a level of efficiency and safety in accordance with the stated performance and quality indicators
Quality standard
Quality standard

PHOTONICA is a high-performance led luminaire that has no equal. PHOTONICA satisfies the market demand for high performance