Horticultural LED Lighting systems PHOTONICA

Horticultural LED Lighting system PHOTONICA was specially designed for growing plants in an enclosed space with the use of artificial lighting as the primary one.

  • PHOTONICA is extremely economical and energy efficient, it allows you to save up to 70% in electricity.
  • PHOTONICA heats up to °140F (°60C) and therefore it can be placed close to plants, and even inside the garden-bed without fear of causing burns. Such arrangement of the lamp allows you to increase the yield and to pick fruit from all levels at the same time.
  • The strength of the luminous flux and the size of the light coverage PHOTONICA is regulated by the height of their position.
  • The test on marijuana has proved that PHOTONICA provides the optimal spectrum and the power of luminous flux, which is needed for developing a strong root system, strong growth, and fruit ripening.
  • At the height of 2 Ft PHOTONICA covers plants with luminous flux of 500 micromole (μmol)!
  • The body of PHOTONICA is a passive radiator which cools the lamp, without fans. The warmth from the heating rises, then cools down, and descends. Such air circulation from PHOTONICA creates a natural temperature environment, which cannot be said about the HPS lamps. In HPS lamps, the heating temperature reaches °752F (°400C) and the heat is directed straight at the plants, since the HPS lamps are equipped with a reflector.
  • The secret of PHOTONICA success is its exclusive light spectrum. A balanced combination of the range has a great impact on plants during their vegetative growth period (VEGA) and maturation (BLOOM).
  • Moreover, a small content of soft UVA in the spectrum has a therapeutic effect on the plant, especially during the transplanting of seedling.
  • PHOTONICA has neither pulsation nor noise; the even light distribution ensures quick adaptation of plants to the lighting and generates the correct leaf color and juiciness of the fruit.
  • PHOTONICA LED lamp is very reliable and easy to use. All you need you need to do is to hang it to the right place and plug it in.
  • PHOTONICA does not require any maintenance; it is extremely economical with its incredibly small heating temperature.
  • It was designed to be used both in small and large buildings.