PHOTONICA is a solution for creating favorable conditions for plant growth and full-scale photosynthesis

The most important features of PHOTONICA are:

Maintains the chosen level of lighting

  • Provides the necessary lighting for plant development by generating light waves of various lengths. Each plant absorbs the particular light waves that it needs
  • Provides the necessary duration of artificial daylight without having a drying effect on plant leaves
  • Highly environment-friendly while its energy conversion efficiency is at more than 80%

No infrared or ultraviolet radiation

  • Some of the plants are extremely sensitive to ultraviolet or infrared rays. An excess of such radiation can have a detrimental effect on the general condition of the plant, or damage the leaves.
  • PHOTONICA does not generate ultraviolet or infrared rays, thus having a positive effect on the well-being of the plants, as well as on the workers of the greenhouses and grow rooms

Does not create much heat radiation

  • Can be located in close proximity to plants
  • Maintains stable parameters of the greenhouse environment
  • Doesn’t cause burns to plants nor creates an excessively warm humid atmosphere conducive to fungal diseases
  • Low heating of the lamp means no additional measures need to be taken to maintain the optimum temperature in the grow space

PHOTONICA carefully helps you to look after your plants at all levels of their development


PHOTONICA is used as a photobiology tool for illuminating plant tissue and cells, both as an additional, photoperiodic, and main lighting for plants in greenhouses, orangeries, and laboratories

Luminous efficacy

PHOTONICA produces a powerful light flux which has a beneficial effect on the development of the root system and ensures a steady growth and bloom while saving 70% of the original light output after 50 thousand hours of operation, which allows it to be used for many years without being replaced


The secret of PHOTONICA’s success is an exclusive light spectrum, a balanced combination of which has an excellent effect on plants during periods of vegetative growth and flowering


PHOTONICA leads to an increase in the content of photosynthetic pigments by 1.3-2.2 times, more effectively affecting the growth and maturation of plants, resulting in regenerants egressing 1.4-1.7 times more


PHOTONICA only heats up to °140f (°60С), therefore it can be placed closer to plants without fear of causing burns, thus allowing you to increase the yield and pick fruit from all levels at the same time

The flat design

The flat design allows the use of PHOTONICA in horizontal, vertical and multi-level plant production technologies

Vertical growing

Due to the adjustable parts of the side elements at 45˚ to both sides relative to the central element, the light does not fall onto the aisles between the beds and does not reflect off the walls, but purposefully illuminates the plants

Coverage Area

PHOTONICA is designed to evenly distribute the luminous flux, which ensures quick adaptation of plants to light and forms the correct leaf color and juiciness of the fruit


As PHOTONICA uses its own fixture system, PHOTONICA lamps can be combined with each other to form both standard straight lines and complex geometric illumination figures, meeting the individual requirements of any project regardless of the types and sizes of rooms

Service life

PHOTONICA’s service life can reach 100 000 hours, which is about 100 times more than incandescent lamps, and 10 times more than fluorescent lamps or HPS

Results of experiments

Experiments on the use of PHOTONICA when growing plants were carried out in order to try to create more efficient sources of illumination to maintain plant systems, germinating seeds, and root formations. It was proven that plants are able to grow and develop better under PHOTONICA lamps than when illuminated with fluorescent and sodium lamps. The results of the tests confirm the higher efficiency of PHOTONICA lighting in the greenhouse industry


PHOTONICA is exploring the possibility of using lighting of a certain spectral composition and intensity for the preservation of seedlings and cut flowers

The advantages of buying from us

You get:

  • Reliable and efficient equipment
  • 3 year warranty
  • Return the product in case of a defect
  • The purchased lamp will be delivered free of charge to any state in the USA. Call, order, and grow any plants quickly and safely!


Evenly distributes the luminous flux covering 1.35ft х 4ft at a height of 1.5ft above the top of the plants


Evenly distributes the luminous flux covering 2.70ft х 4ft at a height of 1.5ft above the top of the plants


Evenly distributes the luminous flux covering 4ft х 4ft at a height of 1.5ft above the top of the plants


Evenly distributes the luminous flux covering 4ft х 4ft at a height of 1.5ft above the top of the plants

PHOTONICA LED Complete in-home grow kits

We can offer you kits specially designed for in-home growing in different spaces:

8ft² / 12ft² / 16ft² / 32ft² / 100ft² / 200ft²