About Us

Executive summary

We present LED lighting systems for growing plants with the Photonica trademark, which are focused on the industrial cultivation of various plants and can be used both in greenhouses and indoors. Horticultural LED Lighting system PHOTONICA was specially designed for growing plants in an enclosed space with the use of artificial lighting as the primary one. 

Growing plans

We make lighting plans for cultivation applications and we provide advice on installation, optimal use and maintenance.


Having studied the process of growing plants under the sun, HPS lamps and under different LED irrigators we determined the best proportion of parameters that each manufacturer needs. Right before the wide market introduction of PHOTONICA, we worked hard on establishing the best formula for indoor and greenhouse growing by testing for several years.


PHOTONICA is completely confident in efficiency off their lighting system, since it has already been tested and proven. We can offer customers different payment programs to insure there complete satisfaction.

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