Indoor lighting solution

The amount of light is determined by the size of your room

Commercial calculations are often made on the basis of the amount of light needed and vary based on free space and the chosen growing method

If you are planning to grow 20 light-demanding plants on a 4×8 ft table, then you need to provide for at least 45 watts of light per square foot. Thus, for an area of 32 ft you need to install 2 PHOTONICA750 lamps with a total power of 1400 watts

The above figures include only the horizontal indicators located above the top of the plants

The luminaires are installed along the length of the grow space individually or joined into groups, forming continuous light lines of uniform illumination without dark spots

PHOTONICA can be used as a main source of grow light for indoor farming, as well as the additional illumination of plants in short-day conditions in greenhouses

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