PHOTONICA is easily and quickly installed in any rack, grow box or room

PHOTONICA has its own suspension system, so PHOTONICA lamps can be combined with each other, forming standard direct lines or complex geometric lighting figures, thus responding to the individual requirements of any project, any type and size of the premises.


PHOTONICA for any type of premises

PHOTONICA can be easily installed in a grow space of any size and geometric form.


All you need to do is to hang the lamp and plug it in

Inclination angle

PHOTONICA allows you to adjust the angle of light so that the light does not fall onto the aisles between the beds and does not reflect off the walls, but purposefully illuminates the plants.

Height of suspension

The standard recommended suspension height is 6.5 Feet from the grow table or floor, when considering that the expected final size of the plant is max 5 Feet together with the pot. In the case of a larger plant, the recommended suspension height to the top of the plant is 1.5 ft.

Hot spots and dead zones

In order to avoid hot spots and dead zones and make sure the illumination is even on an area equal to the standard 4x8ft tray, you should use 2 Photonica 750 lamps setting them in the center of the tray at a 1.3 ft distance from each other, and to a 6.2ft height from the table.

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