Specially designed for grow lights at a high Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density PPFD (µmol) in environments with aggressive СО2.

  • Provides the necessary lighting for plant development by generating light waves of various lengths. Each plant absorbs the particular light waves that it needs.
  • Provides the necessary duration of artificial daylight without having a drying effect on plant leaves.
  • Highly environment-friendly while its energy conversion efficiency is at more than 80%.

  • Some of the plants are extremely sensitive to ultraviolet or infrared rays. An excess of such radiation can have a detrimental effect on the general condition of the plant, or damage the leaves.
  • PHOTONICA does not generate ultraviolet or infrared rays, thus having a positive effect on the well-being of the plants, as well as on the workers of the greenhouses and grow rooms.

  • Can be located in close proximity to plants.
  • Maintains stable parameters of the greenhouse environment.
  • Doesn’t cause burns to plants nor creates an excessively warm humid atmosphere conducive to fungal diseases.
  • Low heating of the lamp means no additional measures need to be taken to maintain the optimum temperature in the grow space.

PHOTONICA LED lighting systems were designed to be improve horticultural industry by making growing cheaper and more effective. PHOTONICA is extremely economical and energy efficient, which allows you increase profits. Therefore, it is important that you find the appropriate balance between intensity and coverage. One widely used method to determine a lamp’s intensity over time is the Inverse Square Law. As a general rule of thumb these results can be found in most lighting scenarios and is only being used here as a guideline. Once your lamp is properly secured you must determine the appropriate hanging height above your plant canopy. Light intensity diminishes at an exponential rate; therefore, the closer you hang your lights, the greater its effect will be. With LEDs, plants can touch the lamp without suffering heat damage. From the beginning, the Photonica has been DEVELOPED WITH an eco-friendly philosophy.

• Recyclable materials (aluminum, steel and glass)
• Product Environmental Profile (PEP) to minimize the ecological footprint
• Providing high CO 2 savings (energy and maintenance)
• No light pollution (ULOR 0%) thanks to precise photometrist.

Suitable for use indoor and greenhouses

PHOTONICA LED Grow inter-light was designed for multi-layer cultivation, to work in small spaces and inside horticultural laboratories. Its IP65 rating enables installation inside aieroponics greenhouses.

Optimum thermal management

The special design of the compact aluminum housing provides the fixture with optimal cooling, making active cooling unnecessary. The absence of an active cooling system saves on installation costs, minimizes risk of lights failure and increases reliability. What is more important it minimizes the risk of leaf burn allowing  PHOTONICA lights usage between the plants.

  • Reliable and efficient equipment
  • 3 year warranty
  • Return the product in case of a defect
  • The purchased lamp will be delivered free of charge to any state in the USA. Call, order, and grow any plants quickly and safely!

Evenly distributes the luminous flux at a height of 1.5ft above the top of the plants.

Evenly distributes the luminous flux at a height of 1.5ft above the top of the plants.

Evenly distributes the luminous flux at a height of 1.5ft above the top of the plants.

Evenly distributes the luminous flux covering 4ft х 4ft at a height of 1.5ft above the top of the plants.

Our solution for growing in limited spaces:

8 Sq.Ft / 12 Sq.Ft / 16 Sq.Ft / 32 Sq.Ft / 100 Sq.Ft / 200 Sq.Ft