PHOTONICA is engaged in identifying the most suitable spectra for indoor farming and searching for light scenarios that will contribute to the rapid growth of the crop, thus allowing you to optimize cultivation before the farm starts to operate


A balanced combination of the spectrum has a great therapeutic effect on plants during vegetative growth and maturation, especially after transplanting seedlings

Spectrum INDOOR

PHOTONICA 4 LIGHT® spectra make sure you get the desired yield and the end product which has flavor and strength without curing.

Spectrum INDOOR yields best buds


PHOTONICA  spectra make sure you get the desired yield and the end product which has the taste and strength even without curing

Our solutions for spectral illumination at each stage of cannabis growth

Spectrum B

Spectrum B peaking at 450nm and a color temperature of 6500k improves the quality and quantity of the product

Place the lamp with Spectrum B (6500k color temperature) close to the inflorescences for best results.

Spectrum W

Spectrum W peaking at 450nm and 660nm is especially important when planting germinated seeds, and during the vegetative stage

These rays contribute to greater bushiness of the plant and prevent it from stretching.

They have a stimulating effect on the process of cell separation, which leads to an increase in green mass, and play an important role in plant life due to the pigment cryptochrome that reacts to blue light. For adult plants, blue light influences the width of the leaf stomata

Spectrum R

Spectrum R peaking at 660nm is needed from the very beginning of cannabis growth until the harvest

These rays are responsible for the speed of growth, root development, flowering, the growth of buds and their maturation. Thus, when having sufficient red spectrum, you can definitely expect a rich harvest.

Spectrum FR

The High Times magazine mentions the importance of far red, as it is ideal for maximum resinous buds.

Spectrum FR peaking at 730nm (far red) is essential for the formation of trichomes

Spectrum UV-A

Spectrum UV-A is ideal for supplying plants with ultraviolet light

PHOTONICA is a light source that allows you to correctly select the composition of the spectrum, allowing the wavelengths to correspond to plant photoreceptors

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